We have released OptiPerl as an open source project on GitHub!

OptiPerl was a commercial application for Windows, developed between the years 1999 and 2008. As we don’t support it any more, we have released the source code.

You’ll probably find various “trial” versions on the internet from different download sites that have not been updated, and list this software since 2008. You can safely ignore them and install the binary below, or compile from the source code uploaded on GitHub.

If you were a customer of OptiPerl and bought the full version, you’ll notice that the update and activation links do not work any more on the version you had purchased. Please uninstall, and use the binary version here.

Although developed for older version of Windows, you can still use OptiPerl for all Perl 5.x versions. We have extensively tested in Window 10 with Strawberry Perl

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