Uptiv and your privacy

At Uptiv we respect the right to privacy and understand that, as a visitor to Uptiv.com, you prefer to control your own personal information and preferences. For this reason, we may ask you to register or to provide personal information and preferences when you visit certain areas of www.uptiv.com, download free software, request new information or place an order.

We will guard the personal information you share with us to ensure the content, services, and advertising that we provide on uptiv.com are always tailored to your current, designated preferences.

What personally identifiable information is collected?

We may ask you to register to provide personal information when you download files or software updates, order our products on-line, or subscribe to our newsletter. Information requested may include; your first and last name, state and zip code (or country and postal code for non-U.S. residents), email address and in some cases, a password. Additionally, if you purchase products on-line, we will need shipping and billing addresses and a credit card number.

How the information is used.

Personal information is collected so that we can a) process your order, b) register your license and right to technical support and any other benefits which may be available to registered users. c) consult our database of licensed users in order to curtail software piracy d) alert our users of updates, special offers and other items of interest.

When you provide Uptiv with your e-mail address, we may contact you via e-mail to alert you to certain upgrades, special offers, updated information, and/or new services. Uptiv never releases e-mail addresses to third parties or offer, allow for the selling of, any user-provided information.

If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you can still visit most of Uptiv’s web sites; however, you will not have access to areas that require personal identification.

Contact Us/How to update your personal information

You can help Uptiv maintain the accuracy of your personal information by notifying us when you change your address, phone number, or email address. If at any time you wish to update your information or stop receiving communication from Uptiv, contact us by email at info@uptiv.com.

How Uptiv will protect your personal information

Uptiv will always protect the personal information that you share with us. Uptiv stores information internally in a controlled, secure environment. If, for example, you make a purchase online, we route all transactions through SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and will process your credit card number only to secure your current payment. The SSL transaction does not retain your credit card number subsequent to the transaction at hand, and will not use the number for marketing purposes.

If Uptiv requests general demographic information, this information is limited to reporting purposes only; members remain anonymous. Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and postal addresses are never shared for demographic reports with outside entities.

Uptiv would like to receive your comments and questions about this Privacy Policy.

Uptiv may occasionally update, amend, or change this Privacy Policy based on user feedback and as needed or appropriate. Notice of revisions will always be posted on this Privacy Web page.

For more information, please contact: Uptiv Software, info@uptiv.com